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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

African Diaspora Agrofood forum.

11 September 2020. Land, People and Markets; building a sustainable and inclusive agrofood sector. 4th edition of the African Diaspora Agrofood forum.

  • Maureen Duru & Jutta Kleber
  • Mr. Koen Es, Director Public Services Meise Botanic Garden Belgium
The African Agrofood Sector In A Changing World 
  • Moderator : Ms. Yentyl Williams, Expert in EU trade and Investment in Developing Economies. Founder & Director ACP YPN
  • Mr. Escipion Oliveira Gomes, Assistant Secretary-General Department of Sustainable Economic Development and Trade, Organisation of ACP States
  • Mr. Jedidiah R. Adogla, Deputy Head of Mission Embassy of Ghana to the Kingdom of Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the EU
  • Mr. Jeremy Knops, Delegate General COLEAC
  • Ms. Giulia Castro, Migration and Rural Employment Specialist FAO
  • Mr. Viwanou Gnassounou, Entrepreneur, Expert Consultant Development Policies and Former Assistant Secretary-General– Department of Sustainable economic development & Trade; Organisation of ACP States

African Diaspora Agrofood Entrepreneurship
  • Mr. Steve Ebhota, Managing Director Esanfarmers Cooperatives Nigeria 
  • Mr. Doli Nakwalekwenale, Co- Founder, Chakula Ms. Thioro Diarra Toure, Co-Founder, Reine Cabosse Senegal 
  • Mr. Anto Cocagne, Founder of the international festival ‘ We Eat Africa’

Building A Successful Agrofood Enterprise, Support And Tools For African Diasporas In Europe
  • Ms. Ayélé Sikavi Gabiam, Co-Founder & Director of Partnerships, LadyAgri Impact Investment
  • Ms. Grace Camara, Founder of RemitFund
  • Mr Stefan Moritz, Managing Director of European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME
  • Dr. Jan Van Seghbroeck, Attaché - Expert imports – Belgian Food Agency
Building A Resilient Agrofood Sector Through Research And Innovations
  • Dr. Christy van Beek, Director AgroCares and SoilCares Foundation
  • Mr. Frank Annor, Postdoctoral Researcher Delft University of Technology Netherlands, CEO of TAHMO and lecturer Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
  • Ms. Hannah Vandewiele, Aquaphonics Project Benin
Additional papers from the 2020 African Diaspora 

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