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Friday, March 29, 2024

The potential of entrepreneurial innovation, civil society and territorial dialogue

29 March 2024. Brussels Africa Political Outlook 2024. The Africa Political Outlook is a summit bringing together committed African, European and international experts, diplomats, political and economic decision-makers, with a view to discussing the major governance issues of the African continent.

Panel #1 Autopsy of the Global Gateway: dynamics in relations between the EU and Africa

The European Commission has developed the “Global Gateway”, a new European strategy aiming to mobilize up to 300 billion euros of investments between 2021 and 2027 to finance sustainable and high value-added projects in the digital fields. , energy and transport. This strategy also aims to strengthen health, education and research systems throughout the world.

The first major step in this strategy was the allocation of an Africa-Europe investment envelope of around 150 billion euros, to strengthen cooperation with African partners. As the Commission's mandate comes to an end in a few months, what initial assessment can we draw from the implementation of this strategy?
  • Junior LODGE, Deputy Secretary General, Secretariat of the Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific States - Initial feedback on the implementation of the Global Gateway
  • Bertin Mampaka MANKAMBA, Former Vice-President of the Belgian Parliament, Senator and Alderman - A new deal in Africa's European ambition
  • Salima YENBOU, Member of the European Parliament
  • Jean de WETTER, Director General, ENABEL (Belgian Cooperation Agency)
  • Stefano PALMIERI, Vice-President of the “Economic and Monetary Union and Economic and Social Cohesion” section of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) Member of the ACP-EU monitoring committee
  • Moderator: Priscilla Wolmer, Editor, Africa 54 States

Panel #2 Resurgence of coups in Africa: rethinking, reinventing and rebuilding democracies

Some countries, such as Mali and Burkina Faso, have experienced several coups in a short period of
time; both states spent a third of their postcolonial history under military rule. How can we explain this democratic slowdown? Does an African-style democracy appear as a new political paradigm? How to design or consolidate strong institutions?

Panel #3 Investing in Africa: the AfCFTA, the diaspora and impact investment as new catalysts for emergence

Africa receives only 3% of global investment, hampering progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is estimated that it will take $194 billion per year to close the financing gap by 2030. This session explores: (a) The transformative potential of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) – for a unified market of 1.3 billion people and a GDP of $3.4 trillion. (b) Engage the African diaspora – leveraging their new capital, expertise and “glocal” connections to fuel sustainable development. (c) The rise of impact investing – to attract investments that generate, in addition to financial returns, a positive social and environmental impact.
  • Cheikh Al-moustapha KOUYATEH Roving Ambassador, Special Envoy of the President of Liberia HE Mr. Joseph Boakai 
  • Paramita DASGUPTA National Advisor and Head of Economics, International Finance Corporation (IFC), representing Makhtar Diop, Managing Director and Executive Vice-President, IFC Pictures 
  • Richard MILLER Former Special Advisor to President Louis Michel Moderator Pictures 
  • Moderator: Viwanou GNASSOUNOU Former Deputy Secretary General of the Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific States

Panel #4 Building on our commons: the potential of entrepreneurial innovation, civil society and territorial dialogue

How to connect European and African innovation ecosystems?
  • Moderator: Samuel VICKO, Co-Founder, BlackNetwork
  • Professor François GRUSSON, Founder & President of the La Fabrique Group, President of the National Council of Schools of Architecture of France - The future of urbanization in Africa 
  • Alhadji Allie BANGURA, Founder ADAN Impact and ADAN eVS - United Diasporas of Africa: beyond the remittance paradigm
  • Hon. Lydia Mutyebele NGOI, Deputy Mayor of the City of Brussels
  • Kalvin Soiresse NJALL, President, Brussels French-speaking Parliament
  • Peter BenHur NYEKO, CEO & Co-founder, Mandulis Energy
Mandulis Energy took  part of the UpLink - World Economic Forum delegation of Top Innovators
attending the World Economic Forum annual meeting WEF2024 in Davos.
  • Mandulis Energy develops, owns and operates renewable energy projects in Africa. WIt started in Uganda, where it pioneered private sector led deployment of on-grid and off-grid renewable energy infrastructure. Crucially, 
  • Mandulis Energy  is committed to creating and deploying new technologies and business models, to address the energy access "trilemma" by reconciling reliability, sustainability and affordability.
  • Mandulis Energy  is member of the Circular Accelerator of Accenture in partnership with UpLink, EcoLab, Anglo American and AWS.

See also:
  • Peter BenHur NYEKO, CEO & Co-founder, Mandulis Energy @ PAFO-COLEAD Innovations Series - Session 14 - August 30, 2023

Panel #5 Impact of the 2024 European elections on EU-Africa relations

The election results could lead to changes in key EU policies impacting Africa, including development cooperation, trade, migration and security. A rise of populist or Eurosceptic parties could potentially call into question long-standing commitments and partnerships. New faces at the head of the European Commission and Parliament could bring new perspectives and priorities.

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