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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Korea-Africa Food & Agriculture Cooperation Initiative

A researcher at the Rural Development Administration (RDA) 
shows how to operate a machine to process harvested crops in 
Zimbabwe on May 13, 2015. / Courtesy of RDA
3 November 2015. The Rural Development Administration (RDA), the state-run agricultural research institute of South Korea, has been operating three consultative groups for Asia, Africa and South America to offer more tailored, field-oriented help to farmers there.

In July 2010, RDA launched the Korea-Africa Food & Agriculture Cooperation Initiative (KAFACI) with 19 countries across the continent including Ethiopia, Cameroon, Angola and Uganda. It has provided information on how to cope effectively with diseases and pests affecting rice and other crops. It has also transferred a wide range of agricultural techniques to increase production, develop disease-resistant crops and manufacture and operate farm machinery.

The RDA's Korea Project on International Agriculture (KOPIA) centers have been implementing the initiatives. There are 6 KOPIA centers in Africa.
"Many African countries want to learn how to successfully advance their agriculture and improve living conditions in rural communities. Through the initiative, we have built a win-win system with our counterparts in Africa."

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