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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Digital World Forum on Accessible and Inclusive ICT

Digital world Forum (DWF) organised a closing event on 30th September 2009. Digital World Forum' was a FP7 European project focusing on the use of ICT to leverage economic development in Africa and Latin America.

Providing minimal services (health, agriculture, education, business, government, etc.) to rural communities and under-privileged populations is of major importance to improve people lives, and to sustain development. Using ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) would be the easiest and possibly only way to develop and deploy those services. At this event, the keynote speakers underlined the potential of one or more of the above mentioned low-cost technologies in development, and the need for future funding and research. One focus point of the DWF was the Mobile Web for Social Development Roadmap (see MW4D wiki). Its the most recent and last document for the partnership and was prepared under the leadership of France Telecom’s Orange Labs. CSIR ERCIMkusamotu & kusamotu oneVillageFoundation Orange W3C Mobile Web Initiative

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