Platform for African – European Partnership in Agricultural Research for Development

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Second Management Team Meeting of PAEPARD

Tuesday 20th of July. PAEPARD MANAGEMENT TEAM MEETING as side event during the FARA Science Week.

1.       Presentation of Guidelines produced by WP5: Guidelines for innovative African-European innovation partnerships in agricultural research for development in Africa 
DRAFT 3, Ouagadougou, July 18, 2010
2.       Internal consultation organized by WP1 and WP2
3.       Financial and management issues

Presentation of Concepts and process for establishment of PAEPARD partnerships (long term and fast track) by the consultants Danielle Clavel (CIRAD) and Paul Kibwika (RUFORUM):

General objective of the consultancy
To develop guidelines for establishment and management of equitable innovation partnerships among African and European ARD and non-ARD actors within the PAEPARD project.

Specific objectives
       Clarify the concept of innovative African-European multi-stakeholder partnerships in the context of ARD
       Define principles and process for establishment of equitable multi-stakeholder innovation partnerships (involving ARD and non-ARD actors) between African and European interest groups in ARD
       Propose brokerage and management mechanisms for African-European multi-stakeholder partnerships for long-term engagement in ARD innovations
       Propose a process and ways to put the partnership principles into practice.

What is partnerships in ARD?
A partnership is an alliance [collaboration] between organisations from two or more sectors that commit themselves to working together to undertake a sustainable [research for] development project and in doing so they also undertake to share risks and benefits, review the relationship regularly and revise the partnership as necessary (Tennyson and Wilde, 2000; Spielman et al., 2007).

What is innovation partnerships?
Innovation is the application of a novelty (idea, technology, or process) in new ways that generate economic and social benefits to those involved and the wider society. Innovation partnerships serve to bring together diverse talents with complementary skills to foster mutual learning and development of creative ideas.

What is demand-driven research?
In this case demand-driven research simply means that the research is responsive to expressed needs of the research users who may be in the public, civil society or the business sector.

What is an innovation broker?
Innovation broker is an organisation acting as a member of a network of actors that is focused neither on the organisation nor the implementation of innovations, but on enabling other organizations to innovate (Klerkx, 2009). Broker is a “go between”, the organisation may delegate the brokerage role to trusted individuals.

What is PAEPARD then?
In a nutshell, PAEPARD should be seen as a capacity building initiative to empower the non-research actors and influence research actors to engage more to increase the relevance and impact of agricultural research for development (ARD) through equitable African/European partnerships. The Africa-European partnerships are a mechanism for mutual learning, capacity strengthening and empowerment. Innovation systems is the framework for enhancing the relevance and impact of ARD 

Process for establishment of partnerships
Two options
1.       Long-term process
      Partnerships emerge based on interests of stakeholders
      Mainly championed by the non-research actors
      Provides space for emergence of many different types of partnerships
2.       Fast-track (short-term)
      Based on negotiated or pre-determined R&D themes (possibly focusing on calls for funding)
      Mainly championed by research actors

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