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Friday, January 28, 2011

International Co-operation in the EU Research Agenda

27 Jan 2011, Brussels, Belgium. Future orientations and perspectives for the African, Asian and Latin American Research Community
Aims of the conference
ECRAAL European Centre for Research in Africa, Asia and Latin America hosted the conference. This conference aimed to broaden the consultation base and bring to the discussion table Afrian, Asian and Latin American research players, acting as a platform from which to voice their interests and concerns so that the FP8 may meaningfully reflect these interests and improve the overall implementation and impact of the Union's research agenda and therefore also, its longer term strategy for the coming decade, set down in its EU 2020 Strategy.
Morning session
The morning session addressed the general theme of the future orientations and perspectives of international co-operation in research under the FP7. The panellists from the EU institutions briefly introduced or comment on:
  lessons learned under the current PF7 in terms of international co-operation                
  - the policy re-orientations anticipated or under consideration for the FP8
  - evolutions in funding allocations to the international co-operation dimension
    of EU research policy
Afternoon session

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