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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The European Agri-Agencies network AgriCord @ the European Multistakeholder consultation

AgriCord is a network of "agri-agencies", non-governmental organisations for development cooperation with structural links to the farmers' and rural members' organisations in their home countries, including the organisations of rural women, young agrarians, cooperatives and agri-businesses.

Hereafter follows an interview with Estelle Gallot who is responsible for Relations with EU Institutions and farmers' organisations at AgriCord

She answers (in French) following questions:
  1. Are NGOs not unaware of the interest of European farmers in Africa? 
  2. Are European farmers interested in research?
Estelle Gallot recognizes the fact that often European NGOs active in Africa's agricultural development do not know well the specific problems of the European farmers. They also underestimate the interest which European farmers may have in the reality of African farmers. 

But like in Africa, European farmers don't have much time to spend in research. This might explain why they are not represented in a theme which PAEPARD promotes: African-European partnerships in ARD

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