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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Information event GlobE - Global Food Security

4th of August 2011. Information event GlobE - Global Food Security. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany has started a new funding initiative within the “National Research Strategy BioEconomy 2030” framework programme, which identifies and works on research topics concerning worldwide food security.

To ensure global food security it will be necessary to support the regions most concerned in the establishment of an efficient and sustainable agriculture. In particular regions of Africa are to be integrated as partners in research. To take into account regional demands, a joint analysis assessing the local situation together with all concerned partners is desired, calling for cooperative projects between German and African scientists and stakeholders.

An open-theme competition between network concepts of interdisciplinary research collaborations involving partners from Germany and African countries is to identify topics for research with the aim of increasing and/or securing agricultural production. All research efforts dealing with the overarching “food system” should take the entire system into account.

Presentations during the info day (04.08.2011):
Call for proposals

Presentation of PAEPARD: Why does Africa needs 
innovative agricultural research and innovative fund mechanisms ? 

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