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Friday, August 3, 2012

ASARECA announced Calls for Concept Notes

The Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA) has the following announcements for Calls for Concept Notes 

  1. CALL Ref: ASARECA-RC09-NRM&B-2012: Title: Linking Integrated Soil Fertility Management gains to agricultural product markets 
  2. CALL REF: ASARECA_RC12_STAPLES-05: Title: Upscaling of new highland maize varieties in Ethiopia 
  3. CALL REF: ASARECA_RC12_LFP-02: Title: Validating Management Practices to control Napier stunt and smut diseases for increased feed availability in small holder systems of Eastern and Central Africa (ECA). (Call For Concepts) 
  4. CALL REF: ASARECA_RC12_LFP-04:Title: Validating the method using rumen liquor from slaughtered cattle as a source of inoculum for in-vitro gas production for forage evaluation 
  5. CALL REF: ASARECA_RC12_LFP-03:Title: Up-scaling environmentally friendly acaricide management for preventing and controlling Tick and Tick –Borne diseases in Eastern and Central Africa 
  6. CALL REF: ASARECA-RC010-NRM-2012: Title: Enhancing adaptive capacity of smallholders through the application of response farming innovations 
  7. CALL REF: ASARECA- RC02-AGROBIO-2012: Title: Validation of Tsol 18 vaccine for control of Taenia Solium cysticercosis in ECA countries 
  8. CALL REF: ASARECA- RC01-AGROBIO-2012: Title: Validation of Taenia Solium cysticercosis pen-side diagnostic kit developed by ASARECA and partner NARS in the ECA 
  9. CALL REF: ASARECA-RC12-PAAP-01: Title: Enhancing adoption of harmonised standards to drive commercialisation of root and tuber crops in eastern and central Africa 
  10. CALL REF: ASARECA-RC12-PAAP-02 : Title: Enhanced adoption of effective policies for increased regional trade in seeds in the ASARECA sub-region 
  11. CALL REF. ASARECA_RC12_STAPLES-01:Title: Upscaling Banana Bacterial Wilt Management Technologies/innovations in Eastern and Central Africa 
  12. CALL REF: ASARECA_RC12_STAPLES-02 : Title: Accelerating the Scaling Up of Innovations/ Technologies for of Quality Potato Seed Production in ECA

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