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Friday, April 3, 2015

Chinese Agricultural Engagement in Africa: Policy Briefs

30 March 2015. The SAIS China-Africa Research Initiative at Johns Hopkins University, has now published the latest (and last) in a series of policy briefs focused on Chinese agricultural investment and other engagement in Africa.

These policy briefs provide original, fieldwork-based insights and information that is not available anywhere else. The papers on which they are based were presented at the 2014 SAIS-CARI conference on Chinese agricultural investment: 'Land Grabs' or 'Friendship Farms'?
  • Policy Brief 01/2014: The Political Ecology of Chinese Investment in Uganda: the Case of Hanhe Farm, Josh Maiyo.
  • Policy Brief 02/2014: Chinese Agricultural Investment in Mozambique: the Case of Wanbao Rice Farm, Sérgio Chichava.
  • Policy Brief 03/2014: Chinese Training Courses for African Officials: a “Win-Win” Engagement?, Henry Tugendhat.
  • Policy Brief 04/2015: Chinese Agricultural Engagement in Zambia: A Grassroots Analysis, Solange Guo Chatelard and Jessica M. Chu.
  • Policy Brief 05/2015: Chinese Agricultural Entrepreneurship in Africa: Case Studies in Ghana and Nigeria, Yang Jiao.
  • Policy Brief 06/2015: Assessing the Impact of Chinese Investment on Southeast Africa’s Cotton: Moving up the Value Chain?, Tang Xiaoyang.
  • Policy Brief 07/2015: Neither ‘Land Grab’ nor ‘Friendship Farm:’ Chinese Agricultural Engagement in Angola, Zhou Jinyan.
20 March, 2015. Beijing, China. The environmental impacts of China's agricultural production affect not just China, but also the global environment. IIED and China Agricultural University hosted a workshop to explore examples and models that could help promote sustainable agricultural practices in China. The workshop brought together 30 practitioners, researchers, government officials and NGO staff working on sustainable agriculture. The results of eight case studies on sustainable agriculture were shared and the feedback gathered on the case studies will be incorporated into a research report due out later this year.

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