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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Postharvest Loss Reduction & Mycotoxins programs in USAID’s Feed the Future Initiative

25-26 August 2016. Brussels Meeting between USAID - DG Research and DG Health of the European Commission.

USAID presented work on Afaltoxin that is largely under the post-harvest loss work. Details were shared on the Feed the Future overall research strategy and the Food Security Innovation Center structure as well as the various programs that are funded by the research division (the Innovation labs).

The DG Research shared information about their work and the research funded under their division that covers aflatoxin and food safety including:
  • The roadmap towards an EU-Africa R&I Partnership on food and nutrition security that includes a basis for a research agenda
  • Additional information on the EU-Africa high level policy dialogue on science, technology and innovation
  • The initiative that will implement the road-map partially is currently under preparation and called LEAP AGRI. The initiative is coordinated by the National Research Agency in France.
  • The FOOD 2030 conference in Brussels on 12 and 13 October
  • The FOOD SECURE final conference on 12 October
  • The workshop on microbiome on 14 October. The European Commissioner Carlos Moedas is to launch at the World Food Day celebration in Brussels on 13 October 2016 the International Bioeconomy Forum (IBF): a platform to discuss international cooperation in the bioeconomy. The concept of the International Bioeconomy Forum (IBF) was initiated by the European Commission with the purpose of creating an informal, flexible multilateral platform where global R&I partners could gather to discuss and act on common thematic challenges on the bioeconomy.

18-20 July 2016. Minding the Gaps Along the Agriculture-to-Nutrition Pathway 4th AnnualAgriculture to NutritionSCIENTIFIC SYMPOSIUM
The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition, in conjunction, with our partner, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, in collaboration with the Institute of Medicine, the Nepali Technical Assistance Group, and the Nepal Agriculture Research Council, hosted its 4th annual Scientific Symposium in Kathmandu, Nepal. Presentations from the #2016AgriNutNepal Symposium are now available on the website.

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