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Friday, February 16, 2018

Food Fortification: Scalable Approaches to Prevent Micronutrient Deficiencies in Populations

15 February 2018. Brussels. DevCo InfoPoint. The European Commission intends to seize all opportunities for promoting nutrition-sensitive food systems. Food Fortification aims to contribute to reduction of the prevalence of micronutrient deficiencies. The presentations summarized key factors and global experiences in effective and sustainable implementation of biofortification, flour/rice fortification, and fortified complementary foods, as public health interventions.

Introduction: Bernard Rey, Deputy Head of Unit, DEVCO C1 - Rural Development, Food and Nutrition Security

  • Peg Willingham, Head of Advocacy and Policy, Harvest Plus
  • Anna Verster, Coordinator, Smarter Futures
  • Saul Morris, Director, Program Services, GAIN

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