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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Regional integration and Food Security in Africa

May 30 -3 June, 2011. Arusha, Tanzania. This course discusses different aspects of food security in Africa and focuses on the potential role of trade and regional integration in addressing the issue. It addresses issues related to the facilitation of intra-regional trade flows in food and agriculture. The different mechanisms available for improving strategic coordination/cooperation amongst all regional stakeholders are also covered. Other topics include: Overview of regional integration initiatives for food security in Africa; Implications of a common agricultural market; The role of Commodity exchanges and grain institutions in ensuring food security; Standards and SPS; GMO and food security; Agriculture and development strategies for food security; and Climate change.

The main purpose of this course is to strengthen the capacity of African trainers and analysts and policymakers in enhancing and strengthening the regional frameworks and solution approaches towards food security.

Module 4: : A Collaborative Approach to Addressing Challenges and New Opportunities. 
Identifies the key constraints facing exporters of agri-food products, and outlines the various multi-stakeholder initiatives that have emerged to address these challenges. It looks at national and transnational partnerships that have evolved within the public sector and within the private sector, as well as public-private partnerships, for effective capacity building and co-regulation.

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