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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Story of Agriculture and the Green Economy... ahead of G8 Summit

Farming First has launched a six-part online infographic called “The Story of Agriculture and the Green Economy”, which uses data from leading research organisations to tell the story of agriculture’s potential contribution to building a global green economy.

All of the images have been designed so that they can be Tweeted and embedded on external websites and blogs so that others can share the data and participate in the discussions on the green economy.

The infographic can be accessed on the Farming First website

We need to make the global economy green. Agriculture provides significant opportunities for growth, investment and jobs to help make this happen.
Everyone needs agriculture. Agriculture feeds our entire population and produces fibre for clothing, feed for livestock and bioenergy. Particularly in the developing world, agriculture contributes significantly to GDP growth, leads the way in poverty reduction and accounts for the lion's share of employment opportunities, especially for women. Agriculture also has one of the highest potentials for reducing carbon emissions and helping vulnerable people adapt to climate change. 
How can we feed future generations?
How can we reduce poverty around the world?

Why does agriculture matter to a green economy?3
Where do we invest to build a green economy?
How can we build a more sustainable supply chain?
How can we manage environmental sustainability
with economic viability?

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