Platform for African – European Partnership in Agricultural Research for Development

Monday, May 16, 2011


9-11 May 2011, Nairobi. Each of the PAEPARD work packages has to integrate a monitoring and an evaluation system which is part of the project’s general M&E system. A two days workshop was held in Nairobi to refine the initial logframe of the PAEPARD project document (page 15, Annex 1 PAEPARD II Description of the action)

Following indicators were identified in this project document

  • number of European and African actors mobilized to participate in and benefit from the platform
  • number of European – African partnerships with multi-stakeholders platforms for agricultural and rural innovation initiated and documented.
  • number and quality of information tools and products on European funding instruments effectively disseminated to African ARD stakeholders
  • number and more balanced source of information and communication products available to African and European ARD stakeholders
  • number and quality of improved capacities of European and African stakeholders to initiate and collaborate within a multi-stakeholder and inter-continental platform
  • number and quality of capacity building targeted to specific needs of platform members on partnership building
  • number of successful proposals submitted through the project’s intervention, supported by the EC, other European members states or African governments.

This update of the PAEPARD M &E strategy for the PAEPARD II was urgent for two reasons:

  1. An early mid-term external evaluation will be carried out in year two of PAEPARD II. Terms of reference for this review will be decided upon jointly by EC, EFARD and FARA.
  2. Similar platforms will be created for Asia and Latin America and PAEPARD I &II are requested to offer some early lessons

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