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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Livestock & Fish agrifood chain toolkit conference

9 to 11 September 2013. Kampala (Uganda). Livestock & Fish agrifood chain toolkit conference.

The AgriFood chain toolkit of the CGIAR Research program on Policies, institutions and markets was launched in January 2013. This online platform on agrifood value chains is designed to help overcome the information gaps between researchers analyzing value chains and practitioners developing value chains. Both often lack access to the latest information
(Photocredit: ILRI/Megapix)
and tools on value chains. There is still need for greater rigour in analysis and better peer feedback. Finally, tool designers need to engage purposefully with tool users.

The objective of the conference is to enable a limited number of researchers and practitioners to review and assess value chain approaches together so that they may be improved for a better fit with local field contexts.

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