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Monday, September 30, 2013

PAEPARD Agricultural Innovators Exchange workshop

24 - 26 September 2013. Entebbe. PAEPARD organised a Agricultural Innovators Exchange

The purpose of IAF exchange workshop was to:
  • To review experiences of AIF’s, what did we learn? (AIF’s and PP partners)
  • To review AIF’s action plans for MSHRQD workshops, the implementation: what could they do? how did it go? Lessons learned?
  • To explore the way forward: what will be the way forward for PAEPARD? And what does it mean for the AIF’s? E.g. will they have a role in  innovation facilitation for Farmers’ Organizations, building platforms for researchers and research users? And following up on this discussion:
  • To explore what ideas for PP III mean in terms of capacity building and support for AIF’s.
The AIFs Reflection and Exchange Workshop was organized for those AIF who were actively involved in call 2 and in the 5 Users Led Process. In addition, PAEPARD several Partners also attended the meeting which attracted 37 participants from 18 countries. The three day meeting was structured as a highly participatory engagement with each day covering a given theme focused on the objectives of the workshop.
  • The theme for Day 1 was “Harvesting” and featured sharing of experiences and best practices in building and facilitating partnerships. 
  • Day 2 was dedicated to ‘brokerage in multi-stakeholder processes” 
  • while Day 3 focused on discussing and presenting suggestion for the “Way Forward”. 
It was anticipated that the output from this meeting will feed into planning processes for the next phase of PAEPARD and Participants were promised that the issues discussed will be presented at the Capitalization Workshop scheduled for end of October, 2013.

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