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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Highlight: Western Africa Biowastes for Energy and Fertilizer

WABEF : Western Africa Biowastes for Energy and Fertilizer

Interview (in French) with Jean-Michel Médoc (Chercheur en gestion des déchets organiques of CIRAD), project coordinator. (25th November 2013. Brussels. Conference Joint European and African Research and Innovation Agenda on Waste Management: Economic Opportunities on Turning Waste into a resource).

Jean-Michel answers following questions:
  1. Qu'est-ce que le projet Western Africa Biowastes for Energy and Fertilizer?
  2. Des dechets de mangue peuvent etre prise en compte?
  3. La logistique est un defit?
ACP-EU Cooperation Programme in Science and Technology II (S&T II)
Period: 01/02/2014 - 01/02/2017
Overall objectives
  • Build innovative and technical capacities in the field of anaerobic digestion technologies in Western Africa
  • Strengthen the capacities of government agencies, private sector and civil society to find, uptake existing technologies for anaerobic digestion of biowaste
  • Help improve the energy access of peri-urban and rural communities, and the energy supply of industrial parks through biogas production
  • Help produce local fertilizers for crops and ponds through bioslurry
  • Contribute to reduce the environmental impact of agricultural, industrial and municipal biowastes
  • Contribute to improve sanitation and water quality, to maintain soil fertility and to reduce deforestation
  1. Cirad, UR Recyclage et Risque
  2. Université Cheikh Anta Diop (UCAD), Dakar, Sénégal
  3. Institut Africain de Gestion Urbaine (IAGU), Dakar, Sénégal
  4. Songhai Regional Centre, Bénin
  5. Association d'entraide pour le développement rural (AEDR): Teriya Bugu, Mali
  6. Resource centre on urban agriculture & food security (RUAF) Foundation, Pays Bas

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