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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Revolutionising finance for agri-value chains

5 March 2014. ACP Secretariat, in Brussels. 35th Briefing on Finance for agri-value chains.

This CTA Briefing looked at finance as a key driver for value chain development and discussed the concept of agricultural value chain finance, new opportunities for financiers, and the new context of value chain finance in Africa – including the development of ICTs that support innovative applications. It examined the innovations in financial instruments and services and presented concrete examples of more current applications on the ground which demonstrate the potential of value chain finance for shaping African agriculture.

Extra materials:

Below you may find the programme of the event, the presentations of the speakers, as well as other useful information:
Programme and Background Note
Reader (extensive research on the topic) – Available soon
Photos – Available soon
Biodata of the speakers

Video streaming by Ustream

Panel 2: Innovations in financial instruments and services

Chair: H.E. Brave Ndisale, Ambassador of Malawi

  1. Financing agri-processing projects in emerging markets: lessons learned - Hans Bogaard, Head of the agribusiness advisory activities, Rabo Bank
  2. Linking rural entrepreneurs to financial services - Hans Balyamujura, Co-Founder and CEO of ZED Group Limited
  3. Kenyan Experience in Agri-value Chain Financing - Priscilla Wambui Muiruri, Agribusiness Specialist, KAPAP
  4. Finance innovations combining ICT’s and warehouse receipts - David Ruchiu, Africa Director, Farm Concern International, Kenya
  5. Commodity exchange development - Adam Gross, Investments and Capital Markets Advisor, Nepad Business Foundation
Calvin Miller, Group Leader FAO Agribusiness and Finance Group held a presentation on "The concept of agricultural value chain finance and types of vc business models"

Lee H. Babcock, Expert on mobile finance for agriculture, USA,held a presentation on "Strategic benefits of and approaches to agricultural mobile finance"

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