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Thursday, May 8, 2014

AGRINATURA Science Days in Vienna

5 to 8 May 2014, Vienna. Growing together. Family farming and agricultural sciences transforming world food systems. The AGRINATURA Science Days assembled researchers and practitioners concerned with family farming, food security and transformative change in one single forum. It offered a unique opportunity for dialogue, learning, networking and exploring new research and higher education partnerships.
At the AGRINATURA Science Days following subjects were discussed:
  • if and how alliances between small-scale family farming and agricultural sciences can transform local and global food systems in ways that ensure food and nutrition security at all levels. 
  • how research and higher education become more effective in understanding and supporting transformations that benefit family farming, world food security and wellbeing. 
  • explore how an emerging transformative change agenda fits into the Post-2015 development framework. 
  • Results of the Science Days contribute to the AGRINATURA strategy and support the International Year of Family Farming.


Adipala Ekwamu: Small-scale family farming and food poverty: Achievements and the unfinished agenda.
Patrick Dugan: Knowledge, behaviour, power: a transformative change agenda for research and practice

Stream 1: Interdisciplinary research and multi stakeholder innovation with small-scale family farmers
Stream 2: Higher education and new agricultural innovation competences for nudging transformative changes
Stream 3: Partnerships and transformative learning alliances of food system actors
AGRINATURA is an alliance of 31 European universities and research organisations working in agricultural research, education, training and capacity strengthening for development. Activities of members help to unlock opportunities for farmers to enhance food security and improve the agro-food sector in general, whilst reducing the negative impact of agricultural activities on the environment.

The AGRINATURA Science Days in Vienna build on the international CARITAS Conference “Future without Hunger” in 2013. See conference report. JUNE 1-2, 2012 IN VIENNA / AUSTRIA. 121 pages

Extract: PAEPARD presentation on programming SME in ARD

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