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Monday, August 18, 2014

Dairy innovation platform experiences from Tanzania

Tanga Dairy Platform, Agri-Pro Focus Tanzania and SNV
15 August 2014. Multi-stakeholder innovation platforms are one of the most important mechanisms employed in the Livestock and Fish program to build alliances and engagement with different research and development partners. They are also important as potential ways to build momentum to test and apply promising technologies and interventions at scale.

In recent years the Program in Tanzania – focused on dairy development – has been linking up with different local and national stakeholders. One of the most promising partnerships has been with the Tanga Dairy Platform.

The Tanga Dairy Platform was founded in December 2008 by a group of dairy enthusiasts and facilitated by the British NGO Research Into Use (RIU). The development of this platform has been documented by Jean-Joseph CADILHON (ILRI) et al. (2014) in a paper (draft) (18 pages) presented to the IFAMA 2014 World Forum (16-19 June 2014, Cape Town, South Africa). It is a rare example of a self-sustaining innovation platform accomplishing relevant outcomes for its members

To learn from the platform’s experiences, the International Livestock Research Institute recently produced three photo films telling stories from platform stakeholders.
The 5-minute film below tells the story of the platform and how it is helping dairy farmers improve their milk production and sales:

Watch 2 related films:
Sheha Saidi compares her experiences of keeping dairy cattle in Tanzania’s largest city with the experiences of her sister who lives and keeps dairy cows in Pongwe, Tanga

Faustina Akyoo explains how she learnt dairying from her parents in Arusha before moving to the coastal town of Tanga.

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