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Friday, June 19, 2015

Eastern Africa Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services (AEAS) Policy Dialogue

Participants who attended the East Africa Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services Regional Dialogue at hotel Africana pose for a picture with the minister of agriculture, animal Industry and Fisheries, Tress Buchanayandi. Photo/Prossy Nandudu
16-18 June 2015. Kampala, Uganda. The aim of the Eastern Africa Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services (AEAS) Policy Dialogue is to assess and strengthen capacity for AEAS policy analysis and discussion at the country level in order to support on-going efforts within the region to improve agricultural extension and advisory services provision.

However the executive director of the African Forum for Agriculture Advisory services (AFAAS) Dr.Silim Nahndy explained that the above can only work if the implementers are given adequate skills especially on how to use the upcoming technologies in farming like mobile phones.

He said that currently there are new technologies which must be embraced by extension workers if they are to become relevant in the farming system.
"Extension service is no longer on how best one draws the lines for planting crops but on how best one can use the available tools and technologies to deliver information on the new farming systems," said Nahdy.

The meeting organised by AFAAS in partnership with GFRAS, MEAS and GIZ was aimed at understanding the monitoring tool kit that was formulated by the global system for quick evaluation and monitoring such that when one wants evidence on how extension services are making an impact or not, they can find it, adds Silim Nahdy.

This is to help AFAAS in implement its extension reforms in the GIZ supported countries for increased production and food security. AFAAS, GFRAS, MEAS, and GIZ - in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture Uganda

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