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Friday, June 5, 2015

Expo Milan 2015: Healthy diet, healthy environment within a fruitful economy

3 - 5 June 2015. Milan, Italy. As partner of France Pavilion at the Universal Exhibition 2015 in Milan, Aprifel organized its 7th edition of Egea conference. EGEA conferences aim to translate science into action on public health issues related to fruit and vegetable consumption.

The EGEA initiative has been recognized by the World Health Organization, in 2008 for the promotion of the consumption of F&V. At the crossroads of research, market and public policy, EGEA mobilizes decision-makers across frontiers and sectors to promote a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, healthy for individuals and for their environment.

Prominent speakers (from diverse backgrounds) explored integrated options to increase fruit and vegetables consumption, taking into account the latest developments in the fields of Nutrition, Health, Marketing, Sociology, Environment, Economics and Legislation.

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Extract of the programme:

SESSION 5 - Co-organized with DG-JRC Food safety and nutrition towards 2050 - opportunities and challenges

Chair: AK. Bock - DG JRC
  • EC EU Food production and consumption in 2050. Alternative scenarios S. Caldeira, F. Ulberth - DG JRC 
  • EC Scenario implications: different perspectives H. Daniel - DE, HCJ. Godfray - UK Our future food 
  • Panel discussion Moderator: E. Anklam - DG JRC - EC Participants: H. Daniel - DE, D. Jacobs - BE, P. Roux - DG SANTE - EC, P. Verhelst - BE

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