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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Access Agriculture – reaching more than 68 million farmers

Access Agriculture – reaching more than 68 million farmers

Access Agriculture has reached more than 68 million farmers through its videos and audio soundtracks. An on-line survey, just finalised, involved participants from 115 countries. Two thirds of users are watching the videos direct on the site with one third registering and downloading.
  • Most people using the site are sharing the videos either directly with farmers or with colleagues involved in extension. Users like Access Agriculture so much, that 900 of those who took the survey shared the platform with other organisations.
  • From the 2,210 people who took part in the survey 80% have learned about Access Agriculture in the past three years. 78% of participants were from Africa and most were male. More half are younger than 40.
  • Two thirds of those surveyed have watched more than 5 videos. Downloads of factsheets and other impact studies and publications were popular with around 30% of users.
Summary of the survey reportGlobal use
Over 200,000 people from across the globe have visited the Access Agriculture website to watch and download farmer training videos. 

To find out what visitors to the website do with the videos a global on-line survey was conducted in 2018. The 2223 respondents came from 115 countries, mainly from Africa (78%), Asia-Pacific (10%), and the Americas (7%).
  • They download the videos (84%), fact sheets (31%), 3gp versions for mobile phones (29%), publications (29%) and audio (9%).
  • Respondents use the videos to train themselves (64%), farmers (55%), students (46%) and extensionists (40%).
  • Those most likely to use the videos in farmer training are: extensionists (44%), rechearchers (33%), farmers (33%), and educators (31%).
  • Nearly all of the respondents find the videos and the website useful, and many use the videos for training more than 6 times a year.
  • Nearly 60% of the respondents share the videos with other organisations; they listed 1751 organisations by name.
From 2013 to 2018, over 3 million farmers watched Access Agriculture videos during screenings, on DVD or on their mobile.

With 44 TV stations across the South broadcasting the videos, over 60 million watched some of the programmes on TV. Many also listened to radio broadcasts, using the audio tracks of some of the videos. 

The summary of the survey is available here: Access Agriculture 2018 on-line survey - Summary


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