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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Partnership for African Agricultural Market Information Systems

19 - 22 April 2010. FARA/Accra. ESOKO organised its second PARTNER CONFERENCE. The group of some 20 participants represented national and local MIS models, public sector and private sector models, country-wide, regional wide and value-chain focused models

New Partners described their projects briefly and shared short- and long-term objectives. Partners who were present during the last conference (Accra 9 - 13 March 2009) briefly discuss their projects with emphasis on achievements & challenges after the 2009 session. Each project told at what point they were in their rollout plans with details about proven solutions.The Esoko Ghana Presentation, during the second day, focused on how to make market information system (MIS) into a profitable business or sell ESOKO subscriptions to cover the cost of your MIS operations. 

The ESOKO Ghana team presented several facets of the business, including the enumeration, business development. client support and marketing. The participants discussed the revenue potential and how the franchise or MIS project can drive revenues to keep the MIS successful and growing. 
There was one session with a lively and interactive presentation of stories from Esoko users in the field. 
Two farmers (You Tube video interview forthcoming) from the SEND Foundation presented their experiences with Esoko from Northern Ghana, including project costs; Esoko set up and usage; training of users and challenges around illiteracy, and network sustainability. 
They explained how were able to increase revenues up to 40%, create more efficient use of market channels and improve adoption rates of new technologies in a rural environment.

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