Platform for African – European Partnership in Agricultural Research for Development

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Agricultural Innovation Facilitators’ Workshop

26-30 November 2012. Entebbe. The purpose of this workshop was to familiarise participants with their role as facilitators of the “User-led Process” for establishing balanced African-European a multi-stakeholder partnerships within the PAEPARD project.

Expected workshop outputs:
  1. Participants understand the PAEPARD project background, objectives, processes; 
  2. Participants understand the “User-led Process” and its expected results; 
  3. Progress to date and lessons learned with the “User-led Process” in each sub-region (including desk reviews of “federating themes”) is reviewed; 
  4. The general action plan for the User Led Process is reviewed and adapted to the specific circumstances of each sub-region; 
  5. An draft, generic programme for the “Multi-stakeholder R&D question development workshops” is developed; 
  6. The role of the participants as “agricultural innovation facilitators” (AIFs) within the PAEPARD project, the “User Led Process” and the Multi-Stakeholder workshops is reviewed, revised, understood and agreed by both participants and PAEPARD managers; 
  7. Participants are familiar with the PAEPARD website, and how to use this to identify and promote communication between potential partners in ARD and obtain financing for ARD partnerships; 
  8. The input required, terms and conditions for engagement of AI facilitators within the PAEPARD project is defined and agreed 

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