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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TIPPING THE BALANCE Policies to shape agricultural investments and markets in favour of small-scale farmers

Tipping the Balance. Policies to shape agricultural investments and markets in favor of small-scale farmers
Published: 6 December 2012
Author: Bill Vorley, Principle Researcher, Sustainable Markets Group, IIED; Lorenzo Cotula, Senior Researcher, Natural Resources Group, IIED; Man-Kwun Chan, Independent consultant

A recent wave of large-scale land acquisitions and other commercial investment in agriculture has raised concerns that small-scale producers are being marginalized.

Oxfam and IIED collaborated on research to take a new look at the role of public policy and market governance at a national level in supporting inclusive sustainable development. This report identifies key policy levers that can tip commercial investments in favor of either small- or large-scale farming. And it shows how policy levers influence market governance to constrain or to support the fair sharing of risk and reward between small-scale producers and the rest of the market.

A key element of the report is the examination of policy elements that can specifically contribute to gender-equitable results. Four country case studies, conducted in Guatemala, Nigeria, Tanzania and the Philippines, supported the research.

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