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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

CAAST-Net Plus partners and stakeholders meeting

24-26 June 2013. Addis Ababa. CAAST-Net Plus held its first partner and stakeholder meeting. CAAST-Net Plus objectives encourage more and better bi-regional STI cooperation for enhanced outcomes around topics of mutual interest, and particularly in relation to the global societal challenges of climate change, food security and health.

CAAST-Net Plus actions rely on bi-regional dialogue among stakeholders for gathering informed opinion and experience about the bi-regional cooperation process, formulating and disseminating it in such a way as to be admissible to the formal bi-regional STI policy dialogue process and to programme owners.

Through informing the bi-regional policy dialogue for mutual learning and awareness, through building support for coordinated and innovative approaches to bilateral funding of bi-regional cooperation around global challenges, brokering the public-private relationship to foster improved uptake and translation of bi-regional research partnership outputs into innovative technologies, good and services, and through dedicated mechanisms to encourage bi-regional research partnerships, CAAST-Net Plus makes contributions to the quality and scope of the Africa-Europe STI relationship for mutual benefit.

See the workshop report 12/07/2013: Africa-EU research collaboration on climate change, food security and 
water linkages. An overview of emerging issues and potential research priorities.

Overview of related meetings
  • CAAST-Net+ consortium meeting (CLOSED meeting)
    From Monday 24 June (lunchtime) to Tuesday 25 June (lunchtime). Location: AUC.
  • CAAST-Net+ workshop on EU-Africa bi-regional research cooperation on climate change with impacts on water and food security. (OPEN meeting)
    From Tuesday 25 June (lunchtime) to Wednesday 26 June (lunchtime). Location: AUC.
  • Joint African-European Research & Innovation Agenda on Waste Management "Waste as a Resource: Recycling & Recovery of Raw Materials" (OPEN)
    From Monday 24 June (lunchtime) to Tuesday 25 June (afternoon). Location: Hilton Hotel.
    CAAST-Net+ workshop on Research Infrastructures for EU-Africa Cooperation pdf - 43 KB [43 KB] (OPEN)
  • From Wednesday 26 June (lunchtime) to Thursday 27 June (mid-morning). Location: AUC.
    organised in close collaboration with European Commission and African Union Commission. 
  • Joint Expert Group (JEG8) meeting (OPEN to EU and AU government representatives only)
    Thursday 27 June (14:00) to Friday 28 June (lunchtime). Location: AUC.
  • Global Science Collaboration: science capacity building for development (OPEN)
    From Thursday 27 June (14:00) to Friday 28 June. Location: Irish Embassy.
    For more information: 

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