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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Is agribusiness good for Africa?

11 April 2014.  First broadcast BBC.  BBC World Business Report Podcast. Duration 29 minutes.

The latest G8 idea to tackle hunger in Africa is to call in agribusiness. Under the New Alliance for Food Security, the G8 and African governments have agreed to work together to promote large scale private sector investment. In this BC edition we hear from one of the companies involved, the American crop giant Cargill. Their chairman, Greg Page, tells us that while the company will be investing with profit in mind, the scheme will also benefit local smallholders. Not everyone agrees...

Stop the corporate takeover of Africa's food. 8 page booklet which provides an accessible introduction to the campaign. In solidarity with small farmers and civil society groups in Africa, the World Development Movement is calling on the UK government to stop funding schemes like the New Alliance that require African governments to make policy changes that favour large corporations.

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