Platform for African – European Partnership in Agricultural Research for Development

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

EFARD annual meeting

11 December 2017. DG- Research and Innovation, Brussels. EFARD Technical and Business Annual Meeting: Future of European Agricultural Research and Innovation Partnerships.

Download the full report of the meeting (February 2018, 29 pages)

The European Forum on Agricultural Research for Development is a multi-actor platform which provides opportunity for dialogue on issues of strategic importance for European agricultural and research and non-research actors. Each year, the platform members meet to review their achievements of the previous year and develop strategies for possible (re)alignment of EFARD’s priorities with those of key partners such as the European Commission (EC), the Global Forum for Agricultural Research (GFAR) and partners in the South.

This year, the EFARD annual meeting explored lessons learned including those from the mid-term review of CDAIS and the final evaluation of PAEPARD and from EFARD members  to advocate on the way forward for strengthening the engagement, enhancing the contribution and achieving longer-term commitment of EU stakeholders and multistakeholder agricultural research and innovation partnerships for achieving greater development impact. The latest PAEPARD publication on lessons learned on AR4D funding were also released.


Background Papers
The Platform for an  Africa-Europe Partnership  in Agricultural Research  for Development (PAEPARD) has sought to overcome these shortcomings by mobilizing  and supporting multi-stakeholder research consortia to address priority research issues that respond to users’ needs. 
In implementing this user-led approach, some key lessons have been learned about funding agricultural research  for development (ARD).

Agricultural research in the Global South: steering research beyond impact promises

Appraising the participation of European partners in the PAEPARD Users-Led Process

5 factsheets on stages and tools of the Capacity Development (CD) for Agricultural Innovation System (AIS) process

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