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Friday, December 22, 2017

The European Mineral Fertilizer Summit

6-7 December. Amsterdam. The European Mineral Fertilizer Summit. This two day event provided an exclusive platform for collaboration and discussion between a variety of industry perspectives including manufacturers, suppliers, distribution/logistics, academia but some other involved areas as policymakers, NGO’s, nutrition and environment preservers.

Extracts of the programme:
Delivering Sustainable agriculutre and the outstanding production practices

  • Prem Bindrabham, Director of European-Netherlands Office of IFDC adressing public perception of fertilizers' use and its' contribution in several sectors (nutrition, water and soil security, human health, climate chage, sustainable development, agriculture...)
  • Dominik Klauser. Senior Scientist and Research Manager Sygenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture, Demonstrating the involvment of the industry in a changing world

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