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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

5th edition of the European Development Days

6 and 7 December. Brussels. This year, the 5th edition of the European Development Days (EDD) took place in Brussels. Organised by the European Commission and the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, EDD is the leading European forum where the questions and issues about international development cooperation are debated.

The scope and scale of EDD are growing every year, as links with new networks and new partners are made, and new platforms are created. The European Development Days represent an opportunity to make good use of the diversity of viewpoints and models operating in the world. The European Development Days are a policy forum which highlights recent developments and important initiatives "to be continued" in the key areas of development cooperation: peace, security, democracy, good governance, the economic crisis, international finance, free and fair trade, food security, resources, the media, human rights, culture...

The previous four editions of EDD have all confirmed the role of Europe, not only as the leading donor of development aid but also as the leader of international thinking about development cooperation. They have strengthened public awareness of development issues and helped to improve European cohesion with a view to increasing the effectiveness of aid.

Interview WITH Simon Maxwell. Simon Maxwell is director of the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), Britain's leading think tank on international development and humanitarian issues.

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