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Thursday, May 19, 2011

New UNIDO Study Builds Case for Agribusiness Development as Path to Africa's Prosperity

VIENNA, 13 May (UN Information Service) - Opportunities and challenges for African agribusiness and agro-industries are the focus of a new book published by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

Agribusiness for Africa’s Prosperity, presents the state-of-the-art of agribusiness development in Africa. This work analyses the challenges, the potential and opportunities of African agribusiness in the current period of dramatic changes in global agro-industrial markets, and builds a case for agribusiness development as a path to Africa’s prosperity.
In recent years a renewed focus on agriculture has been evident in policy and development agendas for the African continent; yet little knowledge has been generated on the inter-linkages of production, agro-industry and markets, as well as the potential and capacities for developing these.
Agribusiness for Africa’s Prosperity outlines the current status of agribusiness and agro-industrial activities in Africa, and situates them in historical and global context. It analyses the opportunities for diversified growth, and assesses the existing and potential sources of demand growth for agribusiness development in Africa. Seven development pillars are outlined and analysed in detail:
  1. Enhancing productivity
  2. Upgrading value chains
  3. Exploiting international, regional and local demand
  4. Strengthening technology and innovation
  5. Promoting effective financing
  6. Stimulating private participation
  7. Improving infrastructure and energy access 
The possibilities and challenges for agribusiness development are assessed under each pillar, and a range of strategy and policy recommendations provided. This analysis of the seven pillars is synthesized into a comprehensive agenda for action, with a key focus on visions, policies and strategies for Africa’s agribusiness development.
Written by international experts, from agribusiness practitioners, to academic experts and UN technical agencies, the book fills what UNIDO perceived as a significant gap in knowledge concerning these issues. It stands as an important resource for policymakers, agribusiness managers, and researchers in agribusiness development.
To download Agribusiness for Africa’s Prosperity click here

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