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Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Economist. Feed the world debate

30 January 2013. Amsterdam. Hilton Hotel. The Economist. Feeding the world. A high-level audience gathered in Amsterdam to discuss how to accelerate progress in coordinating efforts to tackle the planet’s food security crisis.

Industry leaders, Government ministers, donors, aid agencies and representatives of the research community explored opportunities to collaborate in delivering improved nutrition and sustainable agricultural markets.

In the afternoon there were three expert working groups on the subject of:
  1. Nutrition – what are the best ways to address the nutritional double burden of obesity and malnutrition?
  2. Finance and risk management – what is the potential for microfinance and microinsurance to strengthen food security?
  3. Science and technology – what is the effectiveness and potential of a number of approaches to boosting yield and productivity?
Workshop C: The enabling role of science and technology
Science and technology have a major role to play in meeting the global food security challenge. We debate the effectiveness and potential of a number of approaches to boosting yield and productivity through breeding and the use of biotechnology.
Dennis Rangi, Executive Director for International DevelopmentCABI
Monty Jones, Executive DirectorFARA
Amit Roy, President and Chief Executive OfficerIFDC
Erez Vigodman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Makhteshim Agan Industries
Jagresh K. Rana, Commercial Lead Row Crops East EuropeMonsanto
A selection of photos from this year's Feeding the World conference in Amsterdam.
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