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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

11th African Crop Science Society conference

14 - 17 October 2013. Entebbe, Uganda. 11th African Crop Science Society Conference. The African Crop Science Society (ACSS), established in 1993 to encourage crop production and food security in the Africa continent, is a society for researchers, producers, business people and technicians around the world. The ACSS organizes one international conference in every odd year in one of the African countries. 

The overall goal of the conference was to promote the active exchange of crop sciences information, innovation, and new ideas. It was attended by experts and distinguished keynote speakers and eminent scientists from Africa and of the entire globe.
  1. Workshop #1 - Advances in the research, utilization and commercialization of neglected and underutilized species: a new push to bring them to the center stage
  2. Workshop #2 - Women in Agriculture: strategies for promoting the empowerment of rural women
  3. Workshop #3 - Management of invasive pests: lessons from the recent accidental introduction of fruit flies in Africa
  4. Workshop #4 - Advancing research on weed science in Africa
  5. Workshop #5 - Responding to the demand for high value perishable commodities in fast growing urban areas in Africa: opportunities and challenges for urban and peri-urban agriculture
  6. Workshop #6 - Biomass and agriculture energy: opportunities and challenges for African agricultural
  7. Workshop #7 - Positioning Nematology in Africa - Now and the Future
  8. Workshop #8 - Pesticidal plants as alternatives to synthetic pesticides for crop, storage and livestock protection in Africa: optimization, conservation and commercialization

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