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Monday, December 9, 2013

Humidtropics Planning Workshop

3 December - 6 December, 2013. Schiphol, the Netherlands. Founding partners met in Amsterdam to produce a final draft of the 2014 and 2015 Workplans and Budgets for Humidtropics. Humidtropics, is a CGIAR Research Program,and a global initiative that helps poor farm families, particularly led by women, in tropical Africa, Asia and Americas to boost their income from integrated agricultural systems’ intensification while preserving their land for future generations.
  • a Results Based Management System with progress towards Intermediate Development Outcomes (IDOs) as results and Flagship Projects for program delivery and performance measurements. 
  • Workplans for each of the Founding Partners, Flagships and the Program as a whole in relation to aggregate templates and their derivatives as provided by the CGIAR Consortium Office.
Research Themes
  1. SRT1 Systems Analysis and Synthesis
  2. SRT2 Integrated Systems Improvement
  3. SRT2.1 Value Chains, Institutions and Markets
  4. SRT2.2 Increasing System Productivity
  5. SRT2.3 Natural Resource Improvement
  6. SRT 3 Scaling and Institutional Innovation
Program Structure
Humidtropics Program Structure

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