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Friday, July 10, 2015

Agrilinks Training: An Introduction to Resilience at USAID and Beyond

7 July 2015. Ce cours est également disponible en français.

Chronic poverty and recurrent shocks—like droughts, floods, and conflict—are driving many of the same communities into crisis year after year. In partnership with host governments, regional institutions, and other humanitarian and development partners, USAID is helping the global community pivot from being reactive in the wake of disaster to driving evidence-based investments that enable people, households, communities, systems and countries to better manage and adapt to inevitable shocks.

This course introduces learners to the basics of resilience as an analytic, programmatic and organizing concept and discusses USAID’s resilience work to date. As an introduction, it is intended to be the first step to be followed by an advanced course on this topic.
  1. Module 1: Impetus and rationale for resilience
  2. Module 2: Resilience definition and key concepts
  3. Module 3: Resilience at USAID: What is different?
  4. Module 4: Resilience in practice
  5. Module 5: Measuring resilience
  6. Module 6: Key partnerships
  1. Describe the rationale for resilience
  2. Understand the concept of resilience
  3. Explain where and how USAID is implementing resilience strategies and programs
  4. Define the basics of resilience measurement
  5. Explain the importance of partnerships for resilience
Click on the video below to start the course!
Introduction to Resilience at USAID and Beyond

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