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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2SCALE learning modules for agribusiness Support Services

The 2SCALE learning modules have been developed by ICRA for coaches from Business Support Services (BBS) who are to support agribusiness clusters within the 2SCALE project. Each module is a package containing:
  1. Facilitators’ Guide on how to conduct a training session/workshop 
  2. Reference sheets, commonly referred to as hand-outs, and excerpts from educational films 
  3. Exercises. 
Business Support Services (BBS) will most likely be institutions/organizations/firms that include consultants, governmental and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), research departments and enterprises that support producers, processors and other affiliated enterprises. The BSS will also likely single out an individual from within the group to oversee the activities of the cluster through coaching; this individual is called a coach. It is worth noting here that the BSS is an important actor of the ABC, a group of “local” actors interacting in a given area around an agricultural product (commodity) and “servicing” a segment of the market (through a common or shared vision). Trainers will be responsible for strengthening the capacities of the BSS/coaches. Facilitators will be encouraged to take note of any lessons learnt in the capacity strengthening sessions and to give feedback so that their input can be used for further improvement of the module.

The roles and responsibilities of the BSS/coaches can be grouped into three main domains: 

  • Brokering services and networking; Information and advice, i.e. market analysis, strategies of competitors; 
  • Training and support in technical and entrepreneurial issues; 
  • Design and set-up of capacity strengthening and action research programmes that include the facilitation of interactive learning processes to support the formation of ABCs, value chain development and creativity and innovativeness. This is for instance strengthening of confidence, collective analysis, collective monitoring of concerted actions, etc.
The publication of these manuals was supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The manuals were developed by technical experts of ICRA, partner within the 2SCALE Project. 
  1. Module 1 Introduction to the CASE Approach (166 pages) 
  2. Module 2 Financial Education, 2SCALE Module 2 (54 pages)
  3. Module 3 Building Business Relationships (35 pages)
  4. Module 4 Introduction to Marketing for Agricultural Products (81 pages)
  5. Module 5 Economics Analysis and Crop Budgeting (90 pages)
  6. Module 6 Developing a Business Plan (39 pages)
  7. Module 7 Warrantage of agricultural products (47 pages)
  8. Module 8 Negotiation and contracting (43 pages)
  9. Module 9 Supporting rural organisations (72 pages)
  10. Module 10 Brokering in value chain partnerships (42 pages)
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