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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

WE4F partners with AlphaMundi Foundation for Climate Finance in East Africa

21 September 2021. The DeSIRA project WE4F: Water and Energy for Food announced a new partnership with AlphaMundi Foundation. In order to scale water-energy-food (WEF) innovations and increase sustainable agricultural productivity, there is a need to focus on creating appropriated finance models to improve access to finance for SME’s.

It is through partnerships, like with AlphaMundi Foundation, that we can succeed inleveraging private investment and effectively tackle the social and environmental challenges we are facing in the food and agriculture sector. –
Lucie Pluschke, WE4F Hub Manager in East Africa, GIZ
Together with the AlphaMundi Foundation, WE4F will provide technical support to East African SMEs operating in the WEF nexus, strengthing and upscaling innovations for more productive and ecologically-sustainable food production. In partnership with not only the AlphaMundi Foundation, but also the AlphaMundi Group, WE4F will work with SMEs to provide technical assistance and result-based financing projects for sustained growth and increased impact. All while overcoming barriers to future investment and business growth.

The partnership builds on the Foundation’s success with the Powering Agricultural Investment Alliance to catalyze private sector financing for businesses providing clean energy solutions that increase agricultural productivity and value in emerging markets.

We are thrilled to launch this new partnership with the WE4F team and build on the progress we’ve made in East Africa to date through the Powering Agriculture Investment Alliance. - Christine Roddy, Executive Director, AlphaMundi Foundation
By making use the East African entrepreneurial energy, supporting smart innovations can play a key role in overcoming these challenges and contributing to food security and sustainable rural economic development. Among others with the right financing, SMEs will be able to develop their innovative and climate-friendly technologies, elaborate sustainable business plans, and disseminate innovative solutions in the East African region.

The partnership between WE4F and Turkana Basin Institute (TBI) in Ileret, Marsabit County in Kenya.

This partnership began in October 2020. TBI and WE4F’s partnership and project seek to create moreopportunities for the people in Ileret. A solar-powered water pump has been installed at the TBI borehole 8 km away from the institute. The new water system can pump up to 4 m³ of brackish water per hour to the institute, were it feeds into the solar-powered reverse osmosis (RO) System. 

This RO system currently produces about 15 m³ of clean water that is used at the institute and for the hydroponic systems. Fresh vegetables are produced in the institute’s old greenhouses. The plants, which include lettuce, spinach, kale, tomatoes and much more. are the living proof that this type of horticultural production can work in a region as dry as Marsabit.

The hydroponic system helps protect the produce from environmental conditions that prevent conventional agriculture in the region. Additionally, TBI is currently setting up new, improved structures and shade nets to cater for the growing hydroponic production. Read more

Field Trip to TBI: an Inspiring Journey in the Far, Far North of Kenya (teaser 1:36)

Field Trip to TBI: an Inspiring Journey in the Far, Far North of Kenya (documentary 9:55)

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