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Friday, May 20, 2022

Soil Biology for Crop Nutrition and Reduced Pathogen Outbreaks

19 May 2022.  Soil Biology for Crop Nutrition and Reduced Pathogen Outbreaks -
Can a thriving soil food web reduce pathogen outbreaks and improve soil fertility?

Fungi have a role and place in the diverse ecosystem that is Life on Earth. Fungi became known as ‘pathogens’ because of our monoculture style of agriculture. But fungi have an imperative role in sequestering carbon in the soil, holding water in the soil, and building resilience in the face of climate threats to agriculture. This presentation was part of the Soil Regen Summit 2022. See: 15-17 March 2022. Soil Regeneration Summit: Farming for the Future

This live interactive webinar with Dr. Mary Cole, Dr. Elaine Ingham and Graham Lancaster brought extensive knowledge and experience in soil biology and soil chemistry. This webinar answered questions from the live audience.

Check the Summit presentations by the panelists here: The four speaker presentations from the Summit will also be released on our YouTube channel over the next few weeks.

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