Platform for African – European Partnership in Agricultural Research for Development

Thursday, June 3, 2010


27 - 28 May 2010, Accra, Ghana. MANAGEMENT TEAM MEETING (MTM) Platform for African-European Partnership on Agricultural research for Development (PAEPARDII). The main objective of the MTM was to resolve the critical issues that are confronting the implementation PAEPARD II activities.

From left to right: Vesta Nunoo (Finance officer FARA), Jonas Mugabe (co-manager PAEPARD for Africa), Jon Daane (ICRA), Adewale Adekunle (FARA), Tim Chancellor (NRI)

Other objectives included:

  1. Review and approval of work plans and Budgets (distribution among work packages and partners)
  2. Development of a reporting system (based on Work packages basis versus Partners). The budget of the project should be based on the work package while the Consortium Agreement (CA) funds will be directly transferred to each partner. The reporting system becomes a bit difficult (complex), a situation which can slacken project activities. Members should discuss and agree on which system is to fast the reporting. All reports should have a uniform format.
  3. Develop a M&E framework: PAEPARD is a complex project involving many partners from a diversity of fields and activity. How to ensure all partners are doing activities they are supposed to conduct? There is a need to define a clear M&E framework to track implementation activities.
  4. Resolve the issue of Partner’s contribution (Cost sharing): what is the level of contribution of each partner? A collective sharing is it possible?
  5. Define the roles of different organs which govern PAEPARD (Co-managers, Management Team, Steering Committee)
  6. Launch of PAEPARD II (FARA General Assembly)

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