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Friday, June 25, 2010

Validation Workshop FARA advocacy and resource mobilisation strategy

22 June 2010. Accra, Ghana. The stakeholder consultation – validation of the ARM strategy for FARA and its Secretariat took place at African Regent Hotel in Accra on the 22nd June 2010 to provide selected FARA constituents and partners a platform to verify that their advocacy and resource mobilization requirements are well reflected in the draft ARM strategy as discussed and recommended in the General Stakeholders’ Consultative Workshop which held in March 2009, and to validate the document.

The thematic areas of the draft ARM strategy are threefold: (1) advocacy and resource mobilization for FARA Secretariat; (2) advocacy for increased investment in African agricultural research systems; (3) support for the implementation of CAADP Pillar IV at the sub-regional and national levels.

The workshop was facilitated by Professor William Otim-Nape and was attended by Forum stakeholders as well as FARA staff. The workshop was opened by Dr. Ramajita Tabo, the Deputy Executive Director after which there was a presentation on the objectives of the workshop by the ARM Officer, Mr. Maurice Lorka. The workshop was divided into three cluster groups to discuss the above thematic areas under the following topics:

1. GROUP 1: Raising the profile of the Forum and enhancing linkages between African agriculture and agricultural research at the country level
2. GROUP 2: Advocacy for Increased Investment in African Agricultural Research Systems
3. GROUP 3: Providing support for the implementation of CAADP pillar IV activities at the Sub-regional and National levels

Each group discussed the current situation on each thematic area, identified the challenges of advocacy in that area and suggested strategies that could be used to attain the objectives of the strategy including key actions to be taken.

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