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Monday, September 12, 2011

Larvae could become a protein source for a large [human] population

The man loves to eat meat. At the point where it does not change its regime, global production must double to meet the demand by 2050. Deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions: the addition will be priceless in terms of pollution. This excess of meat, the world can not digest. Transgenic pig to skewer larvae or fried grasshoppers, this video reviews the menus which are being prepared now to avoid the indigestion tomorrow.

Global Steak: Demain nos enfants mangeront des criquets is a 2010 French documentary film directed by Anthony Orliange. The film explores the problem of human meat consumption and suggests that the increasing demand of meat in the world could lead to a catastrophe.

Entomophagy section

The FP7 2012 call for proposals on FOOD, AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES, AND BIOTECHNOLOGY (FAFB) launched on the July 20th a research call on Insects as a novel source of proteins [KBBE.2012.2.3-05]

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