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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

PAEPARD supports FP7 proposal writeshop

15-16/09/2011. An FP7 proposal write shop was supported by PAEPARD at the University of Gembloux in Belgium. The European Commission (EC) funding mechanisms, including the FP7 and the EDULINK ACP funding opportunities, constitute a significant proportion of funding for agricultural research in Africa. The FP7 2012 call for proposals on FOOD, AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES, AND BIOTECHNOLOGY (FAFB) was launched on the July 20th.

Topics of particular interest under this KBBE/FAFB for Africa are:
·         Conversion of bio-waste in developing countries [KBBE.2012.3.4-01]
·         Insects as a novel source of proteins [KBBE.2012.2.3-05]

For both themes, PAEPARD faces a particular challenge to ensure that research is demand-led and that there is an improvement in the quality of partnerships being formed to undertake research.

The selected consortium provides guarantees for:

[KBBE.2012.2.3-05] Insects as a novel source of proteins
The objective is to exploit the potential of insects as alternative sources of protein. Several ways of processing the proteins are to be explored in view of their potential incorporation into feed and/or food products. Aspects of insect breeding and processing such as energy use, efficiency and how residual flows develop and can best be dealt with will also be looked into. Issues related to quality, animal health and human safety have to be addressed, for instance, through examining amino acid composition and allergenicity; and quality and safety criteria of the derived proteins should be developed at a European level. Regulatory and consumer aspects should also be looked into. If applicable, an environmental, social and economic lifecycle assessment in line with the International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD) Handbook should be carried out. Dissemination activities and demonstration activities will be required. Funding scheme: Collaborative Project (small or medium-scale focused research project) for Specific Cooperation Actions dedicated to International Cooperation partner countries.

It's time to eat insects for the good of the planet, say experts Euro-observer 14/09/2011

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