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Thursday, September 29, 2011

PAEPARD/CSA internal consultation for European NGO and FO

27th of September 2011. The objective of the European NGOs and farmer’s organizations consultation was to provide keys to reorient research towards more demand-driven approach for African family farmers.

The aim of the consultation was to highlight constraints and opportunities for more inclusive and balanced partnerships establishment, and elaborating a common view of what European NGOs and farmer’s organizations should promote into PAEPARD.

Based on results of the previous consultations and of the PAEPARD project, the consultation will allow to discuss about important questions raised by the previous consultations and the first results of the PAEPARD project:

o What role for FOs and what complementarity with others stakeholders for:

  • The translation of farmers needs in research questions (link with the base, formulation ...)
  • The dissemination of research results
  • The indigenous knowledge ‘s capitalization and exchange

o How to formalize partnerships between FOs and others stakeholders inside agricultural research institutions, at level of

  • Funding and governance mechanisms
  • Choice of research topics

The first question was expected to feed Work Package 3 (Communication), WP4 (Capacity building) and WP5 (Brokerage), while the second is expected to feed more specifically the WP6 (Advocacy).

Annick Sezibera

Mariana Wongtwosky

Cheikh Oumar Ba

Djibo Bagna

Marygoretti Kamau

Ann Waters Bayer

Giel Ton

Nicoliene Oudwater

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