Platform for African – European Partnership in Agricultural Research for Development

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Steering Committee meeting of PAEPARD

6th February, Brussels. The Steering Committee of PAEPARD is the highest organ of the project which decides and approves the policy of the PAEPARD platform proposed by the co-managers and endorsed by the MTM. Its composition is balanced between African and European partners on one hand and between researchers and non-researchers on the other.

The following member institutions of the PAEPARD Steering Committee were represented by their head.
  • Africa: FARA (Prof.Monty Jones), RUFORUM (Adipala Ekwemu ), SSA-NGOC (Sylvie Mbog from Odeco), PAFFO (Elisabeth Atangana, excused) and PanAAC (Lucy Muchoki).
  • Europe: EFARD (Ann Waters-Bayer from ETC/Prolinova), AGRINATURA (Dr. Andrew Westby of the Natural Resources Institute/UK), CSA (Marek Poznanski), COLEACP (Catherine Guichard), CTA (Judith Francis)
  • The European Commission was represented by David Radcliffe (DevCO ARD, Senior Policy Officer, Agricultural Research for Development) and Danila CHIARO (DevCo, programme officer Research in Africa)
  • Invited: Hans ERICKSSON Mirabel Development Consulting
  • PAEPARD management and coordination: Dr. Adewale Adekunle, Dr. Jonas Mugabe, Francois Stepman
The Steering Committee of PAEPARD debated:
  1. the PAEPARD Technical and financial report of year 2
  2. the Work plan of the different work packages of PAEPARD for year 3
  3. the Mid Term Review Briefing by the principal evaluator Hans Eriksson
The overall feeling was that PAEPARD's impact has improved considerably in its 2 years of existence. According to David Radcliffe, PAEPARD would gain credibility if consortia supported by PAEPARD would be selected in a call for proposals. 3 out of 19 consortia presently supported by PAEPARD have submitted their research proposal to a call.

It was recommended that in the future final and not draft versions of the technical report are presented to the Steering Committee. All the indicators of the initial logframe should be revisited against their progress to improve the results based reporting.

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