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Thursday, October 31, 2013

A YOUng FARMer’s vision

A series of 3 videos was released called “A YOUng FARMer’s vision”. The project aimed at producing three short films; each of them portrays a young farmer, giving an authentic and positive picture about their daily life and their visions. These were initiated and submitted for a students’ competition named “Engagier Dich!” (Get active!) carried out by the Mercator Foundation Switzerland.

The premier of the films already took place in Switzerland and Serbia, in the frame of a panel discussion. In Slovakia, the panel discussion is expected to happen in November. The discussed questions were/are:

  • What role do young farmers play for the future of agriculture?
  • Is the voice of young farmers taken into account when making political decisions (within each country)?
  • Where and how do young farmers find support?
  • What is done by governments to strengthen the attractiveness of the profession farmer?

Published on 23 Oct 2013
Peter farms in cooperation with his father about 300 hectares of land, in Slovakia. They produce grain, as well as pellets for energy, both for export to neighbouring countries. Father and son act both as an individual company, and share the earnings half - half. Decisions concerning the agricultural operation are decided together, the women being involved in these processes

Published on 22 Oct 2013 In Switzerland the young farmer family, Christoph and Fabienne Kappeler with their two little kids, manage a leased farm in a mountain area, since January 2012. They mainly produce milk (30 LU's) and the fodder for their cows on 20 ha of land. At the moment milk provides the main income of the family. The farm is managed according to organic guidelines.


Published on 22 Oct 2013 Years ago Nebojsa Dinovic together with his father and his brother started to build up a seed operation in Serbia. Started with nothing, Nebojsa now runs the family business, known as Superior, with 50 employees. The company grows its own fruits and vegetables. They are found at fairs throughout the Balkans, but also in the rest of Europe.


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