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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Now online: an educational series on family farming

October 2013: Have you always looked for ways to learn more about the principles of sustainable agriculture? Are you curious about the values that underlay agro-ecological practices around the world? Have you been searching exercises and games to teach students about all of this? If so, Learning AgriCultures may be just what you are looking for.
Family farmers have much to offer in terms of food production and sustainability. And yet, conventional agricultural education gives little importance to sustainable family farming and the way it works. There is a huge gap between the daily realities of hundreds of millions of family farmers on the one hand, and what is being taught to agricultural students around the world on the other.
Now online: an educational series on family farmingILEIA decided jump into this gap and developed a series of teaching modules that help teachers explore the logic of family farming together with their students. This series, called Learning Agricultures, has become a rich educational resource, inspiring educators to present a fresh and hope giving perspective on the values and principles of family farming in today’s world.

Learning AgriCultures is now accessible online

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