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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Food Security through Commercialization of Agriculture programme

16 October 2013. At a side event on the first day of World Food Week, FAO showcased the success of Italy-funded projects in East Africa, West Africa, Central America and the Caribbean that are transforming smallholder and family farms into small businesses.

The Food Security through Commercialization of Agriculture programme has been ongoing in 34 countries since 2006, under the technical guidance of FAO's Rural Infrastructure and Agro-Industries Division. To date, countries have benefitted from nearly $50 million in support focusing mainly on policy guidance, capacity development and transfer of modern technologies and best practices.

Through the Italian contribution to the FAO Global Trust Fund for Food Security and Food Safety, 36 projects have been implemented in different areas of the world, covering 85 countries, with the aim of addressing poverty and improving food security by enhancing agricultural productivity. The target is to transform agriculture into a modern, vibrant and commercially competitive sector.
Bright Rwamirama, Uganda's Minister of Agriculture, noted that a key to the success of FSCA is the fact that it closely integrates the aims of the country's own policies and strategies for development.

The areas of action and the objectives mirror national policies. Rwamirama noted that the project resulted in a 30-35 percent increase in transactions for farmers' organizations and an increase of 30 percent in household incomes.

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