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Wednesday, November 29, 2017


29 November 2017. Sofia, Bulgaria. REGIONAL FORUM FOR THE FUTURE OF AGRICULTURE. The European Landowners' Organization (ELO), Syngenta, BAALO (Bulgarian Association of Agricultural Landowners) and NAABS (National Association Bulgarian Black Sea) organised a Regional Forum for the Future of Agriculture.

The conference addressed three key questions:
  1. Panel 1: How the Sustainable Development Goals can help address global agriculture issues?
  2. Panel 2: Where is the Common Agricultural Policy reform going?
  3. Panel 3: How can competitiveness and environmental protection coexist within the Bulgarian agriculture landscape?
Panel 1: How the Sustainable Development Goals can help address global agriculture issues? 
  • Keynote speaker: Robert Flies, Former Advisor to the Director in the DG Environment, European Commission - 
  • Respondent: Prof. Dr. Hristina Yancheva, Rector, Agricultural University Plovdiv - 
  • Respondent: Juan Gonzalez- Valero, Head public policy and sustainability, Syngenta - 
  • Respondent: Michael Salm zu Salm, FCS President
'CAP: thinking out of the box' report
Released on March 27th 2017, this report, directed by Allan Buckwell, shows how the current CAP does not make best use of the considerable resources deployed to support land managers through the necessary transition and suggests some procedural changes to kick-start a more effective reform process which brings together more constructively the conflicting interests in agricultural policy.

CAP Executive Summary (26 pages)
CAP Full report: executive summary + appendixes (82 pages)

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